2020 end of year review!

Amazing! Another year under the belt, one step closer to the grave! Way to go!

So, how’s the year going? What worked, what didn’t, what are you grateful for?

As we move into this new decade, let’s take the time to pause and reflect. Daily living can be so busy that we rarely take time to consider where we’re at on this journey of life. And yet… and yet, it is exactly this process of pausing and being aware that allows us to actually be present to our lives, to enjoy, to savor, to grieve, to learn … to fully experience what we are living. 

Step 1: Celebration

Whew!! What a year it’s been! I want to take a moment to acknowledge you (yes, you!!) for everything you’ve been up to this year. It’s so easy to get into a pattern of always seeking to improve while overlooking our successes

What are you willing to celebrate today?

What do you appreciate about yourself?

What is something that surprised you about yourself this year?

What are you grateful for this year? 

Step 2: Observation

This is the part where we get into the nitty-gritty details:

What worked this year? Where is there room for improvement?

What non-work activities did you do this year? 

Did you reach your financial goals this year? 

What crops works well, which didn’t, what needs to happen next year?

What was the best part of this year? What was the most challenging aspect of 2019?

What did you learn about yourself this year? 

Step 3: Vision 

This year we’re moving into a new decade! It’s time to look out at the horizon of time and envision where 

So often we overestimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can do in a decade. 

Imagine yourself in 10 years. Imagine that you could travel back in time to today. What would the 2030 version of you tell your current self? What will 2030 you wish you had started doing in 2020? What habits, routines, projects, and partnerships will you be so happy

What actions are you willing to take in 2020 to move towards this vision?

Step 4: Next step

Great work! Given what you’ve been reflecting on, what are the next small sweet steps to move towards this vision?

What are the 2-3 high leverage actions that will have the greatest impact in 2020? 

Here’s a short PDF guide I put together to help you identify these High Leverage Actions! 

As usual, I look forward to hearing what you’re seeing for yourself in all this!

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