Client Results

“Working with Jonathan helps me bring my best qualities to my farm so that I can show up in the most authentic way. When I can do my best work, this brings prosperity to the farm so that it can support me, and my beloved staff, to live the farm life and do something meaningful while providing for ourselves with abundance.”

Ryan Power, New Family Farm, Sebastopol, California.


”Before coaching, my schedule was overloaded and I was exhausted. Working with Jonathan has allowed me to know myself better and to make coherent decisions to have a better quality of life.

Now, I’m still very busy, but I’m loving it and have learned to manage my time more intentionally and not to put so much focus on my worries.”

David, Fôret Santé forestry company, Hemmingford, Quebec.



”Hiring Jonathan as a coach was the best investment I’ve made in a long time… Perhaps in the entire history of the farm! It’s been a crazy year both personally and for the farm… yet somehow, I’m feeling way more energized than I usually do at this time of year. I’ve made more progress this year on my vision of having other farmers here at the farm than in the past 5 years combined! It was great to have Jonathan on my team to help me get clear on what I wanted as I went through the process of setting up a land trust this year.”

Ludovic, La Ferme des Arpents Roses. Organic Vegetable and Pastured Porc Farm, Ste-Mélanie, Quebec.