Is there something that is preventing you from enjoying farming as much as you used to?

Do you love farming, but wish you had some time off each week?

Do you have the sense that there is a higher level at which you could be operating?

You’re in the right place! 

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am a farmer and accredited life coach.

As a coach, I can support you to:

  • Reconnect with your joy, vitality, and well-being; 
  • Stay focused on what is most important for you… even in the height of summer;
  • See a possibility you might be missing with your current way of thinking;
  • Be the best version of yourself to achieve even greater success;
  • Level-up your personal and business skills and habits.

Client Results

Here’s what farmers are saying about the results of coaching!

“Even after 25 years of farming, I get great value from being able to share deeply and honestly with other farmers who aren’t directly in my geographic market. It allows me to see how similar I am to other farmers. Jonathan is great at what he does: keeping the group focused and asking great questions to get us to open up and go deeper, see clearly, and make better decisions. I look forward to being in the coaching group again this winter and connecting again with other accomplished peers.”

David Greenberg, Abundant Acres Farm, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ryan Power, accomplished life coaching client.“Having Jonathan on the team has played a huge role in helping us adapt our organizational skills, systems, and habits to seize an opportunity that allowed us to grow our farm to 7-figures annually (5X growth this year!!!). It’s gotten to a point that, when we aren’t sure about something, my business partner will actually say, ‘What questions would Jonathan ask right now?’ Jonathan is consistently there to support me to succeed in moving the farm forward intentionally and stay grounded in my core values of having fun, innovating, and caring for my land and my community.”

Ryan Powers, New Family Farm and Cannabis Ag Management, Sebastopol, California.

Hiring Jonathan as a coach was the best investment I’ve made in a long time… Perhaps in the entire history of the farm! It’s been a crazy year both personally and for the farm… yet somehow, I’m feeling way more energized than I usually do at this time of year. I’ve made more progress this year on my vision of having other farmers here at the farm than in the past 5 years combined! It was great to have Jonathan on my team to help me get clear on what I wanted as I went through the process of setting up a land trust this year.

Ludovic, La Ferme des Arpents Roses. Organic Vegetable and Pastured Porc Farm, Ste-Mélanie, Quebec.

     “Before coaching, my schedule was overloaded and I was exhausted. Working with Jonathan has allowed me to know myself better and to make coherent decisions to have a better quality of life. 

Now, I’m still very busy, but I’m loving it and have learned to manage my time more intentionally and not to put so much focus on my worries.”

David, Fôret Santé forestry company and Les Jardins d’en Haut, Hemmingford, Quebec.


1-on-1 Coaching: Reach your goals quicker and with greater ease.

Experience the power of the life coaching model to move beyond the current paradigms and internal stopping points that may be getting in the way of you fully implementing what you know you should be doing.

Types of things we can work on together:

      • Farming with your spouse or loved one with greater harmony;
      • Getting clear on your role on the farm, and how to actually spend most of your time doing things that you enjoy and are part of your ‘farming superpowers’;
      • Reducing work hours and making time for other activities you love;
      • Improving communication and staff management skills;
      • Increasing profits;
      • Going on regular dates with your loved one;
      • Designing and implementing farm production systems;
      • Accomplishing some non-farming project despite the busy demands of farming;
      • Budgeting and financial management skills;
      • Going on a camping trip with your kids;
      • Farm ownership transition;
      • Actually… anything you want, in reality, it’s all connected and a breakthrough in one area of your life will necessarily have an impact on the whole of your life.

Learn more about 1-on-1 coaching:

Farmer-to-farmer Group Coaching Program

Join a coaching group of 6 experienced and dynamic farmers who, like you, are ready to take it to the next level.

 This coaching group will be focusing primarily on 2 outcomes:

  1. Take 1 or 2 days of rest(and/or play) per week:
    • Clearly define your vision of what success looks like;
    • Identify and address the weak links in your key production systems;
    • Implement next-level planning and organizational decision-making processes. 
  2. Master your finances: 
    • Clearly define your vision of what success looks like;
    • Build an accurate and useful budget;
    • Implement the systems and habits necessary to have up to date financial data available for real-time decision making even in the height of summer (in less than 30 minutes per week);
    • A farmer-to-farmer accountability buddy and scheduled co-working sessions to keep on top of your book keeping in less than 30 minutes per week.

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About me

My Qualifications

  • ACC Life Coach Accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • 12+ years of farming experience
  • Undergraduate degree in Agricultural Science (McGill University)

My story:

I started my first farm in 2009 with my wife (Jolianne) straight out of university at age 22. Wow… what an awesome experience. Over time we grew to 6.5 acres of vegetables per year. We farmed with a mix of draft horse power and tractors. We made +60K$ net per year, we worked fewer than 50 hours per week, we had a child… in short, we were living the dream… and yet….

… and yet… there was something missing. I was so focused on my initial vision of buying a 100ac farm where I would raise a mix of livestock and crops, that I had not allowed my vision to evolve and grow as I changed. I wasn’t having fun and things felt like a struggle. I looked around for a coach  but found no-one that seemed like they would understand the nuances of the farming lifestyle. I mean, things weren’t that bad… but seriously, I’m not that interested in living a life that’s just ‘not that bad’!!

In the fall of 2016, my wife suggested we sell everything and hit the road in our sprinter delivery van. My first reaction was, ‘What the heck are you talking about!!!!’ But after a couple of days, I came around and embarked on this sabbatical with my usual full-on enthusiasm. I converted out Sprinter delivery truck into a camper and we set off with our 3-year-old for a 2-year circum-American road trip. During this time I had the opportunity to visit, work with, and observe numerous farms and farming communities throughout the US and Canada. 

It was also along these travels that I discovered the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) in California purely by chance (if you believe in ‘chance’). I went to a 4-day workshop for the general public, and realized ‘Wow! I want to learn to do what those coaches are doing, and I want to bring this to the farming community’.

What I see is that there is so much knowledge in the organic farming world… we’re literally standing on the shoulders of giants. The limit to success today is not lack of knowledge. We all know we need to flame weed the carrots… so why are some people doing it consistently and others aren’t… the answer lies between your 2 ears. Knowledge is great, but as humans, it is perfectly normal that our attention is sometimes more focused on our fears and limiting beliefs than on actually doing the things we know we should be doing!!

We’re now back in Canada and are in the process of launching the second iteration of our farm (a cut flower farm this time) aiming to be in production for 2020. I love that farming is still what I want to do in life even after taking a step away for the past 3 years. I’m super excited to go into this next business with both the experience of having had my own farm already AND all these new coaching tools and perspectives.


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