Build a farm that fully supports the lifestyle you would love to live

Make more money. Have more fun. Live a balanced life.

Life and Business Coaching tailored explicitly for small-scale organic farmers.


1-on-1 Coaching: Reach your goals quicker and with greater ease.

Take a step back and gain perspective on your farm.

Get clear on what is blocking you and how to move past it.

Put in place the new habits that will support you in consistently taking action towards your goal with clarity and focus.

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Farmer to farmer Group Coaching Program

Join a peer group of 5 other passionate farmers like yourself.

Together, we will be using a mix of training modules and group coaching sessions to:

1) Get crystal clear about the outcomes you want on your farm;

2) Analyze your farm systems and create a precise game plan for making the changes that will allow your farm to more fully support the lifestyle you would love to live;

3) Get the support needed to consistently take the actions needed to score your goals and have fun doing so!

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Client Results

“Working with Jonathan helps me bring my best qualities to my farm so that I can show up in the most authentic way. When I can do my best work, this brings prosperity to the farm so that it can support me, and my beloved staff, to live the farm life and do something meaningful while providing for ourselves with abundance.”

Ryan Power, New Family Farm, Sebastopol, California.


”Before coaching, my schedule was overloaded and I was exhausted. Working with Jonathan has allowed me to know myself better and to make coherent decisions to have a better quality of life.

Now, I’m still very busy, but I’m loving it and have learned to manage my time more intentionally and not to put so much focus on my worries.”

David, Fôret Santé forestry company, Hemmingford, Quebec.



”Hiring Jonathan as a coach was the best investment I’ve made in a long time… Perhaps in the entire history of the farm! It’s been a crazy year both personally and for the farm… yet somehow, I’m feeling way more energized than I usually do at this time of year. I’ve made more progress this year on my vision of having other farmers here at the farm than in the past 5 years combined! It was great to have Jonathan on my team to help me get clear on what I wanted as I went through the process of setting up a land trust this year.”

Ludovic, La Ferme des Arpents Roses. Organic Vegetable and Pastured Porc Farm, Ste-Mélanie, Quebec.

About me

About me: Coach, Farmer, Husband, Father

Coaching is my way of being of contribution to this world we live in… of making a difference and leaving the planet a little better off than when I arrived

It is a joy and privilege for me to witness the transformation and commitment of the people I work with.

Member of the International Coaching Federation.

I work regularly with a mentor coach… I love being exquisitely coachable myself and moving from one breakthrough to the next.

Over 12 years of organic farming experience both while working for and visiting other farmers and on my own highly profitable farm in Quebec, Canada. (6 acres veg., 230K$ gross, 70K$ net farm income, 40-50 hours worked per week even during the summer)

Bachelors of Agricultural Science from McGill University.

(Ok… here’s a little secret… I’m actually a big farm nerd! I am passionate about managing by the numbers, systems thinking, business efficiency, and profitability… and I can’t wait to geek out about this with you in the process of building a farm and life that you love!)


Questions? Comments?

I would look forward to hearing from you!


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