Practical Multi-Disciplinary Coaching for Farmers

Agronomy – Mindset Coaching – Business Consulting


What you’ll get from farmer to farmer coaching:

A partner in crime

A listening ear

A fresh perspective on your farm

Freedom from your current self-limiting mindsets 

Farming can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be a grind. As a farmer, I sometimes find myself so immersed in the details of my own farm, that I  get fixed in one way of thinking, and I miss the opportunity of seeing a different perspective or potential solution.

It can be lonely.

Coaching is the tool of excellence when looking to implement a shift in the way that we’re doing things. It’s the breath of fresh air, the listening ear, the partnership towards a new tomorrow.


Topics that we can work on together:

Visioning and goal setting

Time management and prioritization

Systems design and optimization 

Presence, mindfulness, and enjoyment 

Employee management and training

Communication and relationships

Soil management and fertilization plans

Financial projections and management systems

Habitual self-limiting thoughts and beliefs

Streamlining your bookkeeping and admin

Marketing and sales strategies

Non-farm-related dreams and endeavors

About me

Organic farmer coach - farm life coaching
Hi, I’m Jonathan

Organic farmer, coach, and nerd. 

I currently own and operate Ottawa Farm Fresh, a diversified peri-urban market farm, on-farm retail store, and event space located 12 minutes from the center of Ottawa, Ontario (the capital of Canada). 

But this isn’t my first rodeo… 

My wife and I actually started farming using draft horses in Quebec back in 2010. Then in 2017 we let go of everything and converted our Sprinter delivery truck into a camper and hit the road with our 3-year-old son for a 3-year Van-Life sabbatical/road trip. 

The experience of walking away from the hard-earned success of our first farm was simultaneously one of the most exciting and terrifying decisions I’ve ever made, and I’m so grateful for it! Having 3 years away from the farm allowed me a new perspective and created the space for new learnings and enterprises. It was during this time that I was certified as a Life Coach and started working with farmers as a coach and consultant. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 45 farms and entrepreneurs

After three years of traveling and coaching I was itching to get back into actually running my own farm again and I was excited to implement some of the new perspectives and systems I had developed during our sabbatical. Hence was born our new farm, Ottawa Farm Fresh! Thanks to the opportunity to rent land owned by the federal government with 25-year lease minutes from downtown, we have been able to rapidly grow the business to the heights of our wildest dreams, while at the same time maintaining a certain balance and cultivating our non-farming passions of dance, movement, and acro yoga.

How farm coaching works

experience ease on your organic farming

How Farm Coaching Works

The first step is determining if it’s fit.

To do this, we hop on a quick call to look at where you’re at, where you want to go, and what are the main challenges you’re looking to overcome. Equally, important in the discover call is the question, “Does it click?”

From there, we launch into it.

Most clients benefit from the regularity of meeting twice per month, sometimes with a 3rd session in the first month to kick off the process. I find that the best results come when we start coaching in the fall and work through at least a full production cycle together (usually reducing the frequency of meetings in the peak of summer). From there, the sky is the limit! My most successful clients just seem to always find new heights to climb to and I’ve worked with some farms for over 3 years.

That being said, some clients also get a huge benefit from periodic ‘One-Off’ laser coaching sessions whenever they want.


Regular Coaching: Two 60-minute sessions per month, $400 USD per month.

‘One-Off’ Coaching Sessions: 90 Minutes, $400 USD.

Financial adjustments are available upon request.