Discomfort: A perfectly normal human experience.

It has been a year since my first blog post! Wow! Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to share my ideas with you while practicing and developing my writing skills.

However, to be quite frank… I have not been feeling very excited about the blog recently. It actually feels like a burden and I’m not sure I’m actually enjoying writing. No… to be truthful, I am not enjoying the process of writing as I am experiencing it currently.

The question then becomes– is this a good reason to stop blogging? Is it that I am currently experiencing some simple discomfort, or is it, in fact, a case of me wanting to use my time in some other way? It’s not that there is anything wrong with stopping something that is no longer aligned with our vision. However, it is important to determine if what we are experiencing is truly an indicator that we should stop, or if it is the natural discomfort we can experience as we leave our comfort zone.

When I take a good look at it, I see that what’s coming up for me is plain and simple discomfort. This is great, seeing as discomfort is a perfectly normal experience when we are up to something that is important to us and that is asking us to leave our comfort zone. Discomfort is not a problem but rather, a sign pointing to something for us to observe and shift. For me, the discomfort I have been experiencing recently around blogging is pointing to the lack of regularity in my writing practice: the fact that I have been waiting until the last minute to write a post (which is absolutely not a good way to enjoy an experience!)

What would it look like to enjoy blogging? I would do it regularly. I would savor the experience. I would experience a sense of growth and personal satisfaction from doing it. Rather than worrying about whether or not my blog was useful in terms of increasing my only visibility, I would be more interested in contributing to my readers while developing my ability to express myself in writing. I would take 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week to write and let a blog post emerge out of these writing sessions. There would be weeks where instead of writing a full blog post, I would instead share a video, an article, a podcast, or some other resource I think would be useful to you.

Boom! There we go! Here is my new vision for what my blogging experience will look like for the coming year!

Questions for you today:

  • What is an area of your life you are currently experiencing discomfort?
  • What is this discomfort pointing at for you to examine?
  • What shift is seeking to emerge in this situation for you?


2 Replies to “Discomfort: A perfectly normal human experience.”

  1.   Interesting blog. A little disconcerting at first but honest! And as one reads on, one appreciates your analysis on how this discomfort is a natural feeling and can be quite useful if we examine and address the causes of our discomfort . Then are able to move ahead with more peace, energy and competence.

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