Morning Routine for Clarity and Focus

A key element of living and working with intention, is keeping those intentions and goals pertinent and active in our daily lives. The clarity and the passion associated to the goals is of supreme importance, but that energy is lost if on a daily basis we do not take authentic actions towards out goals.

The morning routine serves just that purpose. Called by some the Boot-Up Sequence, the morning routine is a practice that is common to most high performing individuals (be it in business, the arts, athletics, the military, etc). Through the practice of a morning routine, we are able to start off our day on the right track… to center ourselves and reconnect with who we truly are and what we truly want.

I encourage you to find a routine that works for you. The idea here is to start your day off with clarity and focus, rather than jumping right into the To-Do list…. and FOR GOODNESS SAKES, do not check your social media or emails before having finished your morning routine!!

Personally, my morning routine includes:

  • Wake up an hour before the rest of my family.
  • 15 minutes of yoga.
  • 15 minutes of meditation.
  • 15 minutes inspirational reading.
  • Then (with a cup of rooibos tea) I set about gaining a clear vision of my day. Like a captain of a ship, I seek to clear away the fog and see the path forward with clarity and focus.
  • I choose what qualities of being I am willing to call forth and contribute to this day. Who am I willing to be in order to produce an extraordinary result out of this interaction?
  • I read over my personal mission statement and the list of medium and long term goals that I am striving to manifest in my life.
  • Once my mind is clear, and I am grounded in who I am and where I seek to go, I can now go about the business of planning my day.
  • I plan out my day using the 3-10-20 method (to be discussed further in a future blog post.)
    • 3 major actions (these are high leverage actions that I am committed to competing no matter what happens in my day)
    • 10 minor actions (less than 20 minutes each)
    • Time is allocated to the different actions in 20 minute time bubbles (15-20 time bubbles per day max).

We have a choice: Dive right into action like a chicken with it’s head cut off, or soar into our day with clarity and focus like an eagle on the wind.

You choose….what’s it gonna be?

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  1. soar into our day with clarity and focus like an eagle on the wind.

    I like the image of this sentence!
    Thanks for sharing

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