Suit up and Show up!

Yup.. no ideas right now… Well, not that’s not even true. That’s  just some monkey mind excuse for not showing up… which actually it totally related to what I do have to say.

A while back, I attended a fantastic coaching training in Sacramento, California. Part of the training involved learning certain passages by memory. When the instructor asked for a volunteer to recite the first of four questions from memory, no one volunteered.  What holds us back from putting up our hand? What would it be like to show up to life without these mental barriers?

For many, the answers to that question revolves around the fear of not doing a good job and of leaving the opportunity to other students to participate. Personally, in this situation, my reason was that I was waiting so I could show off by reciting the second and more challenging question that I knew was coming.

I see how this is a way of being has been present through out my life. What would it be like if I could just live without being so preoccupied about what others think? I realise how much of my energy is wasted either worrying about impressing someone or about not offending someone.

I’m not saying I want to live in an inconsiderate manner… This is not even remotely possible for someone like me. I am saying this: I am a hero, whole and complete, on an incredible journey, seeking to contribute all I have to offer. To do so, it is so much more powerful to show up to the present moment unburdened by mental fuckery and limiting narratives… To take that risk, dive off the deep end, raise my hand. To embrace the present and trust in my goodness!

So come on, join me on this amazing journey to make a meaningful contribution to this world. Trust in our authentic selves and let’s stop worrying so much about what others are thinking. (Because 99% of the time they aren’t thinking anything about us anyways)!

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