How to plan your week in a way that nourishes all your roles.

Few people know it better than farmers… we all wear many hats!

Father/mother, spouse, you (ie. yourself…doing something just for you), friend, farmer, CEO/leader, marketer, bookkeeper, grower, plumber, carpenter, mechanic…. and the list goes on!

I used to regularly fall into the following pattern… focusing almost exclusively on one role until another role was totally neglected and couldn’t be ignored… then I would over-focus on that role for a while etc..

Of course this is normal, we are passionate people by nature. We dive into something wholeheartedly. But it doesn’t take much to shift this way of being towards a more balanced approach that nourished each of our different roles every week; or at least allows us to make the conscious decision to neglect one of our roles one week if that is our choice.

What are the major roles you play, what are your main hats? Think both in your private and business life.

I suggest that you plan out your week on Monday morning. List the various role that you will nourish this week, and make sure that you are doing something for each role every week. It doesn’t matter how small your action for each role is… just the knowledge that you are attending to even the more neglected roles can be a wonderful signal to yourself that all the facets of your life are attended to and advancing.

What is one action you are willing to take this week to nourish one of your roles that you have been neglecting?

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