Savouring the experience of the moment

I personally have never been one for perfectionism and have always embraced the motto « Good enough is perfect ». This is not to say I aspire to poor quality work, but rather that ‘done’ work is way better than ‘perfect’ or ‘excellent’ work… I might even go so far as to say the ‘done’ work is better than ‘good’ work. The fear of producing mediocre work is too often a break, preventing people from even getting started on the creative process. The standards we set for ourselves of what would constitute ‘good’ work are often so high that we barely even dare start upon the journey, lest we break ourselves against our ideals.

I use « Good enough is Perfect » all the time as a tool to accomplish more. It has been my method of kicking ass… or as I recently heard, of ‘barrel assing’ my way through life. Build it and move on the to next project, barely taking time to acknowledge myself for my accomplishment and always hyper aware of how it could have been better and how the next iteration will be an improved version.. It’s like standing before a beautiful field of vegetable you have grown, and only focusing on the 10 weeds present.

What if there were another way of seeing « Good enough is perfect » ? What would if be like to look at a piece of work or a project, be satisfied with it’s condition, and actually acknowledge ourselves. As in « wow! This is good enough, let me savour this moment of accomplishment. » What a sweet experience that would be!

So, to all me fellow  « ass kickers », let’s slow it down a notch. We have nothing to loose but our angst! Let us enjoy ourselves and savour the present moment all while kicking ass and bringing our creative visions into reality!


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