Lightbulbs, Fireworks, Rockets, and Lasers!

The mere fact of crafting a goal is a powerful step towards manifesting this outcome in our life.

The more clearly and precisely we can define the outcome we wish to produce, the more we are able to act and live in a conscious manner rather than a reactive manner.

Powerfully crafted goals are SMART:

S: Specific (be as clear and well defined as possible)
M: Measurable (did it happen or not)
A: Attainable (enough of a stretch to get you out of your comfort zone, but not so far as to be discouraging)
R: Relevant to your life’s intentions
T: Time Based (specific due date)

Think of fireworks. The energy shoots out in all directions and wizzes and bangs about. Now, if all that energy were channeled in a focused manner…. it it would be a rocket (to the moon)! Or, think of a light bulb, shining in all directions. When that light is focused, it becomes a laser!

Well crafted goals are that laser… focusing our attention and energy in a clear and precise manner.

So, what to you choose to be: fireworks or a rocket to the moon?

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