Plan for the future. LIVE Today.

I love planning… I mean REALLY love it! I love envisioning new systems, I love crunching numbers and running through various scenarios, I love monitoring results and adjusting the plan as we go, I love getting feedback… I love everything about planning.

But I have come to understand that the idea of living in the present moment is not merely some hippy bullshit. In approximately year 5 of our farm (2015), I became aware of how much anxiety I was harbouring regarding the future. Specifically whether we were going to be able to buy a farm on the time frame I had in mind… I had planned it all out and we were on track as far as the plan was concerned…. but I realised that the more I focused on the future and whether or not we were going to be able to find a farm that suited our needs and be able to afford it, the more I was paralyzed by fear in my daily life.

It was actually getting in the way of me doing the things I needed to be doing!

So plan for the future but live today! Planning is essential, but getting emotionally investing in your plan is optional (and painful). There is a certain form of faith which is required so as to simultaneously be 100% committed and invested in your vision and at the very same time be 100% detached from the outcome and confident in the flow of life and our innate ability to adapt and thrive.

So lets hold these 2 seemingly paradoxical mantras at the same time:

“If you fail to plan… you plan to fail”

“One Day at a Time!”



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