Group Coaching

Farmer to Farmer Group Coaching Program

What would it be like for you to have fun on the farm and make great money while living a balanced life? 

What would it be like to know you are making the contribution you are here to make?

What would it be like to be part of a peer group where everyone is supported 100%? 

Welcome to the Farmer to Farmer group coaching program!

Join 5 other passionate farmers like yourself who are ready to experience the transformational potential of life coaching to help them make more money, have more fun, and live a more satisfying, balanced life. 

This is for you if you:

    • have 3-7+ years of experience as the owner/manager of your farm
    • have a good grasp of the basic horticultural side of farming (this is not a group on growing methods specifically, though the participants will be guided to take a good look at their growing systems to ensure that all the important elements are being implemented)
    • see that there is some area of your life that is seeking to grow, and see that they would like to achieve that development with greater ease, rapidity, and support.
  • be experiencing one or more of the following things:
    1. Not earning the net income that you would love to be earning (ie they are in the $10-20K -ish per person range and would like to move towards $30-40K per person in the medium term
    1. There is some activity or goal you have been putting off until now because the farm ‘takes all their time and energy’ (ie they feel like they are a slave of the farm). This could be a personal interest or passion, or some type of contribution of service to society that you would love to make.
  1. You would like to have more fun during the summer… to be able to truly savor the summer at the farm.
    • Are interested in moving beyond their current comfort zones and skill sets and are willing to see their current circumstances from a new perspective
  • love to be part of a group of other farmers striving for similar transformation.

What you’ll get out of your participation:

Together, we will be using a mix of training modules and group coaching sessions to: 

Using a combination of training modules and group coaching session, this program creates a structured process to support you to:

    • Focus your time and energy on what is most important to you by getting clear on your vision for what you want to create on your farm;
    • Consistently take action and move beyond what has been getting in the way up until now;
    • Build solid and coherent farm production systems by taking a step back and seeing your farm in a totally new perspective;
    • Move beyond your current stopping points by clearly observing your worries and internal dialogues;
  • Learn new success skills and implement new habits that support you to reach your goals with greater fun while having fun!

How it works:

The coaching group will meet via video conference every week in the offseason and every 2-3 weeks during the summer growing season.

During the group coaching sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to get coached by me on a subject that they would love to see in an entirely new manner. 

The program runs from February to December 2019.

The program includes:

  • 25 group sessions.
  •  2  1-on-1 coaching sessions.

The investment for the program is on a sliding scale of 150-300$ per month depending on your financial capacity plus a 50$ deposit upon registration. You chose the investment level that is authentic for you!

Schedule a chat to see if Group Coaching is right for you: