About me

My Qualifications

  • ACC Life Coach Accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • 12+ years of farming experience
  • Undergraduate degree in Agricultural Science (McGill University)

My story:

I started my first farm in 2009 with my wife (Jolianne) straight out of university at age 22. Wow… what an awesome experience. Over time we grew to 6.5 acres of vegetables per year. We farmed with a mix of draft horse power and tractors. We made +60K$ net per year, we worked fewer than 50 hours per week, we had a child… in short, we were living the dream… and yet….

… and yet… there was something missing. I was so focused on my initial vision of buying a 100ac farm where I would raise a mix of livestock and crops, that I had not allowed my vision to evolve and grow as I changed. I wasn’t having fun and things felt like a struggle. I looked around for a coach  but found no-one that seemed like they would understand the nuances of the farming lifestyle. I mean, things weren’t that bad… but seriously, I’m not that interested in living a life that’s just ‘not that bad’!!

In the fall of 2016, my wife suggested we sell everything and hit the road in our sprinter delivery van. My first reaction was, ‘What the heck are you talking about!!!!’ But after a couple of days, I came around and embarked on this sabbatical with my usual full-on enthusiasm. I converted out Sprinter delivery truck into a camper and we set off with our 3-year-old for a 2-year circum-American road trip. During this time I had the opportunity to visit, work with, and observe numerous farms and farming communities throughout the US and Canada. 

It was also along these travels that I discovered the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) in California purely by chance (if you believe in ‘chance’). I went to a 4-day workshop for the general public, and realized ‘Wow! I want to learn to do what those coaches are doing, and I want to bring this to the farming community’.

What I see is that there is so much knowledge in the organic farming world… we’re literally standing on the shoulders of giants. The limit to success today is not lack of knowledge. We all know we need to flame weed the carrots… so why are some people doing it consistently and others aren’t… the answer lies between your 2 ears. Knowledge is great, but as humans, it is perfectly normal that our attention is sometimes more focused on our fears and limiting beliefs than on actually doing the things we know we should be doing!!

We’re now back in Canada and are in the process of launching the second iteration of our farm (a cut flower farm this time) aiming to be in production for 2020. I love that farming is still what I want to do in life even after taking a step away for the past 3 years. I’m super excited to go into this next business with both the experience of having had my own farm already AND all these new coaching tools and perspectives.