1-on-1 coaching

1-on-1 Coaching:

As a farm life coach I :

  • Am 100% on your team;
  • Support you to fully identify and implement those actions you know deep down you should be doing;
  • Guide you to make a habit of enjoying life more and experiencing less stress and anxiety (even in an uncertain and changing reality)
  • Create the structure for you to learn to take action more consistently from a place of authentic self integrity rather than being lead by your fears and limiting beliefs;
  • Keep you accountable for doing what is most meaningful to you (even at the height of summer!!)
In addition to pure coaching, as an experienced farmer I can:
  • Be a thought partner in creating the farm of tomorrow;
  • Provide farm analysis and management tools to support you to farm smarter, not harder;
  • Build or tweak Excel spreadsheet management tools (Yeahy nerd-fest!!!);
  • Guide you to the appropriate resources for solving your agronomic challenges.

How does it work?

Two 55 minute sessions per month for a 6 month initial package.

Sliding scale fees 200-300$ per 55 minute sessions. You choose which level of investment is right for your finances.